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Happy Baby: Move + Play (6-12 mos.) *IN-PERSON*

$75Purchase required to enroll

our baby has now begun to engage with their surroundings and is possibly showing interest in sitting, crawling, standing, and so much more! Promoting your baby’s learning and engagement in purposeful developmental play continues to be so important, but what exactly does that look like as your baby starts to be on the move? Let’s discover how to connect and play with your growing infant. How to promote crawling as a fundamental building block, and the many the other opportunities to support your infant’s whole self for long term success through PLAY!!

This class is targeted for 6-12 months and will take a holistic approach to infant development -- examining nurturing activities that parents and babies can happily engage in together. The class will utilize movement activities, sensory consideration, and developmental play through instruction, demonstration, and hands-on guidance. We will explore a variety of ways to help meet your baby’s individual needs and tolerances, through modified and supportive methods.

The class is offered through LittleRoos Infant Wellbeing and is taught by owner Laurel McMillan, a pediatric occupational therapist neonatal massage speciliast. Laurel has worked in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and pediatric rehabilitation clinics for many years. She strives to provide supportive, engaging and individualized instruction to help you and your baby thrive during the early developmental stages.

*This class is designed for babies between 6-12 months!