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Moms' Month : What The Flux?

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Parents, we get how frustrating it can be to have your concerns dismissed over and over again by your pediatrician or healthcare provider, when you just know something isn't right. Parents are told that their little baby has "colic" but not often are being told what it is, what causes it or what they can do to help their littles. Join Dr. Thomas Tuzzolino (Pediatric, Perinatal, & Family Focused Chiropractor) as he gives you the underlying neurological reasons for colic and how it can tie into the reflux that your little might also be experiencing!

In this workshop he will address:
1. The myths of a colic baby;
2. What causes reflux and how you can help your little get some comfort without the use of medication;
3. How these two "common" issues relate and how they can lead to other issues as your baby grows.