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“Will I Ever Sleep Again?” Newborn Sleep Class

$140Purchase required to enroll

Sleep deprivation is a serious struggle for many new families. Cara, a neonatal nurse, mom of four, and founder of Taking Cara Babies, has created a solution to help babies sleep so parents and families can thrive.

Over the past five years, Cara has helped thousands of families achieve more restful nights by teaching parents how to help their new babies sleep without crying or rigid schedules in her popular prenatal/newborn class "Will I Ever Sleep Again?" In this practical class, expectant and new parents will learn how to calm a fussy baby, read sleepy cues, set days and nights up for success, and truly thrive!

When you attend, you will observe Cara's methods in action as you see how to calm even the fussiest baby in the room. Furthermore, the live class has a special "Q and A" time where you can ask questions about your specific situation. When you leave, you will also receive access to the online class. Many parents find it helpful having the online class a quick refresher as their newborn grows and changes.

Class Details:

· Class is about 2 hours in length.
· Newborns are welcome to attend with parents.
· Price of class includes parent and partner/spouse/caregiver (although partner is not required to attend). Couple pricing is reserved for family members and caregivers who will be caring for the same baby.
· Access to the online class is included for 4 months after attendance.
· Live class offers "Q and A session" and live demonstration with newborns.

Ideal Time to Attend this Class:
Although the class is helpful anytime throughout pregnancy or within the first 12 weeks of your baby's life, Cara loves when parents attend in the first month of baby's arrival.

*This class is intended for expectant families or those with newborns 12 weeks and under. If your baby is 13 weeks or older, please email info@takingcarababies.com

*There will not be any classes in June or July. Visit https://takingcarababies.com/ for more info on the online course.

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